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    Relaxing and rejuvinating healing sessions to balance the spiritual, emotional and physical energies.


Indigo Ashley's mission is to enlighten the energies within by offering multi-media creations of visionary paintings, harmonic healing sessions and colorful workbooks to uplift and enhance the connection to the planet and the spirit realms. Her current projects include learning the ancient ways of vibrational healing through Acutonics® and sacred sound therapies and composing a series of musical meditations to harmonize humanity with celestial songs. She is also writing and illustrating a young reader's workbook to encourage the next generation to quiet their mind and pay acute attention to the natural world around them with activities to build a meditation space while learning about the soul and the seven bodily chakras in a fun, adventurous, and colorful way.

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2022 - Emergence Psychedelic Education Festival 2022 - Breathwork/ScreamwerkTM Live Painting
2022 - Ecstatic Dance Live Painting
2022 - Unity Spiritual Center Art Show


2020 - Black Box Live Painting
2020 - Gem + Jam Festival Live Painting
2017 - Arise Festival Live Painting
2017 - Kava Lounge Live Painting
2016 - Spin Nightclub Live Painting


2015 - San Diego RAW Artists Live Painting
2011 - Fluxx Nightclub Live Painting
2011 - Altitude Nightclub Live Painting
2011 - Art RoXX Festival Live Painting




Everything in the Universe is made of vibration. Indigo Ashley is an Acutonics® harmonic healer focused in energy-based, vibrational sound healing treatments. Sound healing is rooted in Chinese Medicine and uses precision-calibrated tuning forks and singing bowls to harmonize the body’s Meridian and Chakra energy systems. The rich vibration of the forks and sound of the crystal bowls brings the body into harmonic alignment. Healing sessions include full body vibrational sound massage with tuning forks infused with quartz crystal energy and relaxing essential oils. The sacred space is prepared with a light encoded blessing and singing bowls are toned to create a harmonic, rejuvenating environment. Schedule a healing session to connect the body, mind, and soul fostering your journey toward optimal health and spiritual attunement. Private healing sessions and group sound baths are available.

Benefits of Tuning Forks:
• Tunes natural cycles of the body and connects to celestial frequencies
• Relieves inflammation, relaxes muscles, and balances nervous system
• Improves mediation and sleep
• Opens, clears, and aligns chakra energies
• Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
• Deeply relaxing and a wonderful form of self-care!

"What a beautiful experience, thank you for sharing your gifts with us. It was very healing and so connecting! 🎶🥰💜🤍💜" - S

"During a session, I feel like I'm floating on a cloud." - E

"Helped focus my meditations afterwards, deeply moved." - L

"Such an incredible harmonic and energy clearing experience. 🔥🎶" - M

"A divine appointment with a harmonic healing, thank you for sharing your gifts with us." - K

"Magical" - K

"I like the low ohm fork! It feels the best." - R

"So relaxing, I fell asleep mid session! - A

"Fabulous healer facilitator 🎶" - M

"I felt so peaceful and connected. I felt and saw our energies amplify through the flower of life! It was beautiful." - K


Indigo Ashley is currently writing and illustrating her first series of childrens books. This series is created to inspire young minds to illuminate. Rooted in spirituality, these colorful and adventurous tales open the door to deep conversations between parents and children. Her upcoming series of books and musical meditations, created just for children, support conscious minds and imaginations.




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